Nana Mizuki performs her new song for the first time at her first Singapore concert



Nana Mizuki played her first one-off Singapore show on September 27.

The show, which was titled “NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT 2014+”, was an add-on date to her summer Japan tour. She will go on to play in Taiwan on October 4 and 5. A live viewing of the Singapore show was held for 17,000 people in a total of 58 venues including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Fans lined up in front of the venue early in the morning to buy merchandise. There were over 100 people in line by 9:00 am and over 300 by the afternoon. Sales started 15 minutes early at 12:45. The venue staff were even surprised at the number of people, which was the largest since the venue was established.

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