Girugamesh’s latest photos and trailer released



Girugamesh, who recently released a mini-album titled “Gravitation”, have just released a new artist photo.

The photo shows the four members of Girugamesh dressed in black parkas staring forward intently. The video trailer, which was released at the same time as the new photo, also features the band in black parkas, reminiscent of the “MUSIC” album. The band is wearing gas masks, and the video combines the past and present.

It has been one year since Girugamesh’s revival in July 2013. Girugamesh continues to put on powerful performances as if to overload the limiter. With “Gravitation, the band seems to say, “Let’s check out the edge of the world with or own eyes and create a new future”.

Girugamesh – Mini ALBUM “Gravitation”
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