Mayuko Added a Show During JAPAN EXPO in Paris. Also, Another Show at Hyper Japan!



Mayuko, a Japanese singer-songwriter, is going to perform at the 15th annual JAPAN EXPO , held in Paris from July 2nd till the 6th, and she has just added a show in Paris during that time. Also, she will be performing at Hyper Japan, held in London from July 25th till the 27th.

This is Mayuko’s first time in JAPAN EXPO. She will be signing her CDs and will meet and greet with fans. There won’t be a performance at J.E Live House, but will be performing at “kunitoraya Ⅱ” on the 6th. “kunitoraya Ⅱ” is a popular Udon restaurant in paris, always with a long line in front. The restaurant has a live jazz music every week.

Mayuko Live in Paris @ kunitoraya Ⅱ
7/6 12:00

Mayuko will be performing at HYPER JAPAN , a Japanese pop culture event held in London from July 25th till the 27th, for several days consecutively.


Please, check out her latest music video, “Butterfly & Web” which features her own paintings.

Butterfly &Web Music Video/ hand-painted by Mayuko
from her first full album “Vista Bouquet” released on April 13th 2014.