TarO&JirO Particpate In , England: “We Were Able To Sow Many ‘Good Seeds’”



TarO&JirO appeared at , a showcase event held during the festival , which took place on May 10, at Brighton, England. The duo performed in front of the local fans and media.

is a music convention held in Brighton, a city near London. The ninth year of the event, in 2014, saw 400 artists from around the world as guests and attracted 30,000 people within its three days of holding.

800 people gathered at Queens Hotel where was held. TarO&JirO performed eight songs, which were mostly comprised of song off of the 2nd EP “OVNI” released on April 23. What was surprising was the fact that many fans were able to sing along for the full chorus for the second tune performed this day, “Once in a while”. The song was written four years ago when the band was in London. When asked how they knew the song, fans answered, “We’d checked it out on YouTube, beforehand.”

At the midway point of the show, TarO announced, “We are going cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”” [sic], and the two began to play Nirvana’s masterpiece “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as the crowd cheered in excitement. At this point, the show peaked out and the audience indulged in a great sing-along during the chorus. The band performed one of their representative songs, “Silent Siren”, at the end and brought the show home in a shower of applauds and cheers.

TarO&JirO also held a live show at 11PM this day at The Blind Tiger Club. Despite being a late show, more than 500 people attended the event with liquor in their hands. Many of them had attended the band’s previous show at .

TarO&JirO had flown to London in 2009, when the band had yet to establish its current two acoustic guitars + kick drum lineup. The band experienced doing street live performances and singing with open mics at pubs. The band was met with a solid reaction from the fans at this time’s and acquired much confidence.

TarO&JirO are scheduled to perform at , on August 3, and finally their first-ever one-man live concert at Shimikitazawa GARDEN, on September 27.

Comments from TarO&JirO
The live concert felt so good. It was the first performance since in England since we settled on our current “two acoustic guitars + kick drum” style. Reception was extremely good.

The local fans were very excited and they gave us many kind words after the show. What left the biggest impression for us were the words, “We’ll be waiting at Glastonbury”. It was our dream to perform at when we were active in England. By receiving such words, we feel like we’ve come one step closer to achieving our dream.

What’s most fun about playing overseas is the fact that we get to meet many people who we otherwise wouldn’t be able to meet. This time, at the live music bar, we kicked it with one of the PA’s who also happens to play the drums. We also jammed with a percussionist who we met at a street live concert. We felt that such close encounters with many people gives us the drive to keep going.

One happy incident we had this time was that we bumped into one of our musician friends from four years ago, when we used to perform at pubs with open mics. They used to perform at the same pub at the time. They remembered us, checked out our music videos and came to watch our show at Brighton.

We were extremely happy that what we did four years ago here in England lead to something like this. That’s why we feel like we were able to sow many “good seeds” this time, which would eventually blossom in some way in the future.

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