The Total of 100 Million Hits! Marasy, The Pianist from the New “Internet” Generation Will Release Two Albums at The Same Time and Go on a Tour.



Marasy is a pianist who gained more than 100 million hits on Nico Nico Live and YouTube, and he is going to release two albums on the same day and will go on a tour.

The buzz was first brought by the TV commercial of Toyota “AQUA”, a compact hybrid car, which featured his piano performance of “Sembon Zakura” and “Chocolate Disco”, combined with the beautiful Japanese scenery shot by a unique technique called” Time Plus”. And then the requests from the fans followed.

The albums will be out on May 28th and Sendai show will be like a preshow featuring his solo piano performance on August 23rd (Sat) and 24th(Sun ).
Nagoya , Osaka, Tokyo and Hokkaido shows from September 13th to 17th will have a band with some secret guests.

It’s been 3 years since he released his vocaroid cover album “V.I.P” from a major label. Now, finally, one album titled “First Piano” consists only of original songs and will practically be his first album. And the other album called “Anison Piano” includes 17 anime songs of his selection. This combination will be the best news for his fans.
The albums were recorded live on Steinway concert piano (D-274) at a concert hall or a studio. The live takes keeps the rawness so much that you can hear sounds from the touch, damper, and the friction of the felted parts.

The last years shows were at Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. This year, Sendai and Hokkaido are added to the CD promotional tour.
The general ticket sale will start on July 12th (sat) but the presale will start on June 7th, which will be available with the flyer included in the album. (Please see the flyer for details)

Show Dates
marasy ”First Anison Piano” Live Tour 2014
August 23rd (Sat) Sendai/ retro Back Page”Anison Piano Day” Mostly anime songs will be played
August 24th (Sun) Sendai:retro Back Page ”First Piano Day” Mostly original songs will be played
September 13th (Sat) Nagoya: Chuden Hall
September 14th (Sun) Osaka: OBP Enkei Hall
October 4th(Sat) Tokyo: Shibuyaku Bunka Sogo Center Owada Sakura Hall
October 17th(Fri) :Sapporo: Jasmac Plaza Zanado

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