TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE Releases MV for New Song, “Juujika,” Aimed Toward Hong Kong



On April 23 at noon (Hong Kong time), TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE released the music video for “Juujika ~Eiga ‘Gakkou no Kaidan -Noroi no Kotodama’ Ver.-,” their new song that will be released on May 21. This was the first time that TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE has released a music video specifically with fans in Hong Kong in mind.

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s objective is to become a group that can do activity all over Asia. In the past, they have released albums in Taiwan and Hong Kong and have steadily done things geared toward fans outside of Japan such as selling live goods by mail order abroad. Their youngest member, Hitomi Arai, started high school in April, and it seems as though it will become easier for TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE to do footwork overseas from now on. They have also announced that they will appear at the Japan Idol Festival “KAWAII POP FES by JAM vol.3 Hong Kong 2014,” which will be held in Hong Kong on June 28 and 29.

The music video for TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s new song first appeared on the Facebook page for “KAWAII POP FES by JAM vol.3.” It was released based on Hong Kong time, but of course people outside of Hong Kong can view the video as well.

As the title suggests, the music video uses a cross motif and a gothic set and showcases the current charms of the TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE members. During the opening, the members appear in cute white dresses, and the contrast between that and the sexiness of the black dresses they wear with crosses in the back during the dance part is memorable.

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE is performing “Juujika” on their forth tour, which is currently in progress, and it is the the lead single off their fourth album, which they will release on June 4. The song is also the theme song to the horror film “Gakkou no Kaidan -Noroi no Kotodama-,” a horror film in which the members themselves appear, which will be released on May 23 in roadshow style throughout Japan. “Juujika” seems like it will be a song that drives TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE from spring to summer.

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