TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE start worldwide distribution of “4th JAPAN TOUR 2014” official merchandise



TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE started their “TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE 4th JAPAN TOUR 2014 ~Royal Mirrorball Discotheque~” tour on March 15. Official merchandise for the tour will go on sale on April 14, via the KawaiiSTORE (BARKS x ARTIST DELI SHOPPING).

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE released “Maltine Girls Wave” and “Partition Love”, a three-part relationship piece written and composed by Yusuke Koide of BaseBallBear. The group also made their screen debut this spring with “ITSUTSU KAZOEREBA KIMI NO YUME” and “GAKKO NO KAIDAN –NOROI NO KOTODAMA-“. This upcoming tour shines a light on the group’s recent accomplishments like a mirror ball. As the group works in different fields, they still go by the motto, “Live concerts are our main thing.” There will be a lot of attention brought to this latest performance.

The tour merchandise will be available for overseas fans to purchase as well. Tour t-shirts and towel scarves, which are handy at the concerts, will be sold on the site. They will also sell official stickers and mascot straps of the TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE character panda for the first time.

Tour Information
TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE 4th JAPAN TOUR 2014 ~Royal Mirrorball Discotheque~
Saturday, March 15 [Osaka] Zepp Namba
Sunday, March 16 [Nagoya] Zepp Nagoya
Sunday, March 30 [Tokyo] Zepp DiverCity Tokyo
Saturday, April 5 [Tokyo] SHIBUYA-AX
Sunday, April 6 [Tokyo] SHIBUYA-AX
Saturday, May 3 [Sapporo] PENNY LANE 24 [Standing only], presale ¥4,000 (tax incl.)
Monday, May 5 (Holiday) [Sendai] RENSA [Standing only], presale ¥4,000 (tax incl.)
Saturday, May 17 [Fukuoka] IMS Hall [All seats reserved], presale ¥4,000 (tax incl.)
Sunday, June 15 [Tokyo] Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall [All seats reserved], presale ¥5,000 (tax incl.)

Merchandise on sale starting Wednesday, April 9 at KawaiiSTORE (BARKS × ARTIST DELI SHOPPING)!

●Product details
The five items listed below are available at KawaiiSTORE.
•Tour T-shirt [SIZE: M] – ¥2,500
•Tour T-shirt [SIZE: L] – ¥2,500
•Towel Scarf – ¥1,500
•OTASUKE Sticker – ¥500
•OTASUKE Mascot Strap – ¥1,500

[Size: M] length: 700mm × width: 520mm × sleeve: 200mm
[Size: L] length: 740mm × sleeve: 550mm × sleeve: 220mm
[Materials] 100% cotton
[Country of Origin] Body: China, Processing: Japan

●Towel Scarf
[Size] 200mm × 1,150mm
[Materials] 100% cotton
[Country of Origin] Japan

●OTASUKE Sticker
[Size] 100mm × 145mm
[Materials] Paper
[Country of Origin] Japan

[Size] Body:length: 45mm × width: 52mm × thickness: 28mm
Strap Length: 25mm
[Materials] Body: Polyester, Earphone jack: Polypropylene
Pine needle string: Nylon, Strap: PVC
[Country of Origin] China

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About the products
・There are two T-shirt sizes. Please make your selections carefully.

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