GACKT’s New Song Gets Full Support from SPACE SHOWER MUSIC



It has been announced that SPACE SHOWER MUSIC is giving its full support to GACKT accompanying his new single release, making the single available for download at all major online stores in Japan. Furthermore, it will be available for download all over the world (release dates differ by location).

GACKT continues to take the record for most top ten singles by a male solo artist. His forty-forth new single “P.S. I LOVE U” was released both digitally and on CD on February 12.

The single features two songs, “P.S. I LOVE U,” which is the commercial song for VARTIX and “RIDE OR DIE,” which is the commercial song for the GACKTxkissmark project Rouge et Noir.

Those who pre-ordered the single from CROWDN TOKUMA music were entered in a lottery for a chance to win an invitation to a release event the day before the single’s release. The event was also streamed live on NicoNico LIVE.

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