May J. Releases Cover Album Vol. 2



May J. announced at her fan club event , held at Meguro BLUES ALLEY JAPAN on December 24th, that she would be releasing her 2nd cover album on March 26th, 2014.

With her 1st cover album, “Summer Ballad Covers”, released in June, becoming a hit with more than 300,000 copies sold and her original album, “Love Ballad”, released in October 2013, also seeing success with it ranking in the top 10, May J. is currently on a roll. Since the 1st cover album “Summer Ballad Covers”, which solidified her second break, was released through popular requests by fans, she decided to release another cover album, this time with a tracklist compiled by May J. herself.

The overall theme for her with this album is to deliver “courage”, “energy” and “healing” through the messages she thrives to deliver through the songs that helped her out throughout her life with the upmost emphasis placed on the “lyrics”. The album is scheduled to feature 13 songs including “Genki wo Dashite”, “Kira Kira”, “Story”, “Ikite koso”, “Hana ~Subete no Hito no Kokoro ni Hana wo~”, “BELIEVE”, “Amazing Grace”, “Let It Go ~Ari no Mama de~” (New version of theme song for Disney movie “Frozen”), “Taking Chances (Bonus Track) and more.

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