MUCC’s YUKKE Chosen As Support Bassist For MERRY’s Final Tour Concerts



Due to bassist Tetsu’s injury, MERRY has been using a support bassist for their nationwide tour held in promotion of their newest single “ZERO.” The band has purposely hired different support bassists for different shows, including RYO (defspiral), Kenjiro Murai (cali≠gari, the CYCLE), and kazu (Kagerou). It was also revealed that defspiral’s RYO would be stepping in as support bassist again for the event “Over The Edge ‘13,” which was held at Shibuya Public Hall on December 31. MUCC’s YUKKE will be participating as support bassist for the final tour performances that will be held at SHIBUYA-AX on January 23 and 24.

MUCC and MERRY have a deep friendship, and the two bands have performed together numerous times since their indie years. YUKKE commented, “I’m going to play with all I’ve got on both days, to the point that it will make Tetsu nervous (lol).”

One of the draws of “TOUR2013-2014 ‘devour act 3’ -CHAOS-” has been the featuring of various guest bands. So far, EGG BRAIN, Karasu, THE CHEERY COKE$ and girugämesh have stepped onto the stage as guest bands. The guest band for the show on January 23 will be D’ERLANGER and the January 24 show will feature two guest bands, Karasu and THE CHERRY COKE$.

MERRY has taken this tragic incident of temporarily losing their bassist and turned it around into a big positive by recruiting powerful support musicians. Tickets are still available.

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