LUNA SEA Reveals Cover Artwork For New Single “RUN”



The cover artwork for LUNA SEA’s new single, “RUN”, to be released on November 13, has been revealed.

The 18th single for the band, “RUN”, is the band’s first single release titled in Japanese. The title track is the opening theme song for the TV drama series, “Toshi Densetsu no Onna”, which began airing on October 11.

Due to the request from the drama side, the song was written under the inspiration from the character, Tsukiko Otonashi, portrayed by Masami Nagasawa. The track features LUNA SEA’s signature sound with its fast-paced tempo and mystical sound. The single features the song “ECHO” as coupling track. The Blu-ray disc from the limited edition A and the DVD from the limited edition B feature the music video for “Ran”.

Chuku Uta® for “RUN” began distribution on October 11th, the same day as the start of the drama, so check it out in advance to its official release.

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