A Movie Starring Atsuko Maeda, “Seventh Code” Shown to the World at the Rome International Film Festival


Atsuko Maeda

“Seventh Code”, the movie starring Atsuko Maeda and directed/written by Kiyoshi Kurosawa was chosen for the “Competition Lineup of the 8th edition of Rome Film Festival“, starting on November 8th at Rome of Italy.

A miraculous collaboration has become true, of Atsuko Maeda, who is running up the stairs to a national actress, being invited to the Busan International Film Festival with the movie “Tamako in Moratorium”, and Kiyoshi Kurosawa, who continues to attract his fans within and out of the country with many films he has directed. This film “Seventh Code” was a original story written with Atsuko Maeda as the main actress in mind, who Director Kurosawa had highly appraised himself, and is his first location outside of Japan, in Vladivostok, RUSSIA.

As the new film of the internationally highly praised director Kurosawa, the film received many show offers from film festivals of different countries, and it was decided to show for the first time at the Rome International Film Festival. Rome Film Festival is a International Film Festival has been held in Rome every year since 2006 and other Japanese film has received invitations before as well. However if they receive Best Picture or any one of the prizes, it would be the greatest achievement ever.

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