Kαin Lead by Yukiya Fujita, Release Distribution of New Song “drow” to 111 countries



Kαin has been very active this year of 2013. The One Man Live at Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE on July 7th was sold out despite being the first Live in a year. The new single “drow” which was limitedly sold during the One Man Live has started to be sold to the world from October 9th, and they are available on iTunes to 111 different countries of the world.

Along with that, the remaster version of “-if-“ and “search for…”, the single that has been distributed and sold since the other day, has began it`s world release distribution.

Many of Kαin`s items are sold only at the spot and many are no longer available. Being able to get a hold of the music is a great news for all, not only the fans. Check their official website for more information.

Official Website: