MEG’s New Album to Be Released After Sensational Singles with the Concept of Zombie and a Warrior



MEG released two singles on the same day of June 5th under two different artist names of “MEG” and “MEG ZOMBIE”. Not only the artist names but also her costumes were sensational as she was dressed as zombie and a warrior. MEG announced on her official website ( http megtheworld jp) that she will release a new album that follows the concept of those two singles on December 4th.

For two of the previous works “KISS OR BITE” and “SAVE”, she had a cohesive visual images of “RPG” in the cover art, music video and the music. Also she made 8bit-ish RPG called “MEG THE WORLD” , where you can feel like you’re in the world of the song.

The visual art that’s been published on her special website introduces the world of this new album, featuring the original costume designed by a fashion brand named “ANREALAGE” .

Also the website has revealed the game title “MEG THE WORLD 2”. You can easily guess she will be offering more “MEG story” on the website.

MEG Special Website