Eir Aoi, Live at AnimagiC 2013 in Germany with 2000 Fans



Eir Aoi has been scheduled to perform at live shows in and out of country. Aoi appeared at in Bonn, Germany from July 26 through 28.

It is her second time performing at a live show overseas since at Seattle, USA in March. The venue is at a prestigious Beethoven Hall and 2000 anime fans gathered for this occasion. The show started with an opening song for TV anime series, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE, “AURORA”.

More anime songs followed. “MEMORIA”, an ending song from another TV anime series Fate/Zero, “Kobalt Sky” –new song on sale since June 26, and “Avalon Blue” – standard live song among her fans. Fans were well-pleased with the lively tunes of the popular songs.

Now that the fans had warmed up enough with up-tempo songs, Eir Aoi moved on to a slow song “Yume No Owari” from album with an amazing singing ability.

Aoi didn’t stop pleasing her fans on site. She sang 7 more songs including a cover version of “Overfly” originally sang by Luna Haruna, and Aoi’s 3rd single “INNOCENCE”.

Eir Aoi also played on an outdoor stage the next day for the fans who were eager to watch every minute of Aoi’s performance. They sold Aoi’s first full-length album “BLAU” and a few hundred fans formed a long line to wait for her autograph. It was evidently clear that Eir Aoi’s power and charm were universally common among the anime fans in Germany, and her participation of AnimagiC was the perfect icing on the cake at the festivals 15th year anniversary.

Aoi is scheduled to perform at upcoming in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 6, and also at in Taipei, Taiwan on September 29.

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