MAN WITH A MISSION‘s Collaboration Movie With AXE Now Available



MAN WITH A MISSION collaborated with the men’s cosmetics brand AXE for the product AXE ICE BURST to create an original movie that is now available for viewing.

AXE wanted to show the special features of its product, its “instant cooling” and “crackling sound,” through both sound and images by creating a movie with high entertainment value. This project was realized when they made an offer to MAN WITH A MISSION, who have a great deal of popularity with young men. The movie was made to MAN WITH A MISSION’s popular, upbeat song, “Mash UP the DJ!”

The movie was made with the theme of “When men become cool, women will be aroused” and tells the story of man’s memories of what happens when he is lost one night in the middle of an out-of-control party. It also includes some elements of horror. The movie matches very well with the coolness of the song to make a great final product.

The movie is available for viewing at the AXE official website.

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