Kumi Koda × Mika Ninagawa × Moyoko Anno’s “Pink Spider” wins award of excellence at one of the biggest international short film festival in Asia



The original MV for “Pink Spider inspired by Buffalo Gonin Musume”, which is available exclusively on UULA, won the Best Cinematic Award under the Music Short category at the American Academy Awards certified, “Shortshorts Film Festival & Asia 2013” (SSFF & ASIA): one of the biggest short film festival in Asia.

“Pink Spider inspired by Buffalo Gonin Musume” is a cover of the classic “Pink Spider” (hide with Spread Beaver) sung by Kumi Koda with her signature style vocals. The video came into shape through the blending of motifs taken from the lyrics of the song and from Moyoko Anno’s unfinished comics, “Buffalo Gonin Musume”. It was created by Mika Ninagawa.

It is also the first collaboration work with general entertainment application, UULA. Along with the launch of the service on February 14th, 2013, exclusive distribution of the MV began at UULA and since then, the MV has maintained its high placing in the rankings.

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