GOLIATH Formed in 2011, GOLIATH is a band of an unusual composition with two bassists, two guitarists, a drummer and a vocalist. With a unique, complicated fusion of sounds, they express one of a kind sounds in their own sophisticated way. The multitalented vocalist Yoshiro Chiba’s powerful voice freely expresses various types of music from rock to electronica and from reggae to hardcore beyond the boundaries of nations or genres. Not only their music, but also their staging at lives is high in quality and powerful enough to bring the crowd together every time. Their stages are always filled with tremendous amount of heat and passion all over as if the venue has turned into a dance floor. GOLIATH officially debuted with their 1st full album “TAGOMAGO” on 5/15/2013. TAGOMAGO comes from the name of an island off the east coast of Ibiza belonging to Spain where magicians were believed to have lived. Just like the title of the album, the 12 tracks included are all enchanting numbers under the special spell of 6 magicians.
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