DUB STRUCTURE #9 DUB STRUCTURE #9  Dance music is played by human power.  It is a four-person group rock band from Tokyo.  They began to work in Tokyo in 2007.  Member are…  Minami Kei (vo/computer), Canno Masanori (g), Arai Ryoichi (b) and Okura Yukio (dr) .  They are 27 years old of average age.  December, 2010 The 1st album “SUGAR MORING” is released.  It released from “dive in! disc /avex”. (※avex group is the dance music label most famous for Japan, it has some labels in the company, and pitchtuner etc.)  Hot support is gained popularity also from the buyer as “new star !!! which connects a club music scene and rock field.”  The 1st album,  The 1st place of the “TOWER RECORDS SHIBUYA” club music chart which is  the greatest record store in Japan is gained by receiving a large push of TOWER RECORDS at release next week!!!  Moreover, club“eleven” became no vacancy and thrilled collection for the release party “MONK !!!” which went at the end of the same year (about 1000 persons gathered.)  The autumn of 2012  The release of an record is determined in Germany.  It becomes the release from the German popular label BaoBab.  It is due to circulate also to the Europe several-countries + United States, such as British France besides Germany.
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