Yuzu Releases Full-Size MV For New Song “LAND” On YouTube



The MV for the title track from the May 1st release new album, “LAND”, has been completed and released on their official YouTube channel.

The new album was named “LAND” to symbolize “Japan: the land we live on”, and a fantasy “land”. The title track from the album serves as the core of the album and portrays the concept of the whole album in a concentrated form. The song begins with the sound of muted chords on the acoustic guitar, and proceeds into the ‘60s psychedelic/alternative taste sound that resonates throughout the piece. The lyrics express the anxiety and claustrophobic sense that permeates the modern society in a straightforward manner. The song reflects Yuzu’s will to “keep moving forward” even in a times like these. The song could not have come into existence if it weren’t for the day and age we live in now, and that is exactly why the song shines and resonates in the hearts of the listeners.

The creation of the MV was led by Fantasista Utamaro who worked as the art director for this album, along with top creators, Daisuke Shimada, Yuko Yasunaga, and Kazuma Ikeda. Much attention was given to preserving the concept of the album as expressed though the artwork done by Takashi Murakami, world-renowned artist. It is an artful fusion of live action, CG, and animation.

The core of the work lies in the live action part in which problems arise from an otherwise peaceful atmosphere. The plot of the MV takes place at a once popular, but now dwindling circus troop of which Yuzu are members. A mysterious girl suddenly appears in front of them, and that is where the story begins to unfold. The interactions between the real characters and the characters designed by Murakami, along with the chaotic animations is unworldly. The characters are vivid and beautiful, but somehow a bit melancholic. The sight of these characters dancing chaotically, and the thrilling progression of the interlude are of unmatched quality for a MV. The song extracts the true nature of the modern society, and synchronizes with the fantastic visuals to create an atmosphere never seen from Yuzu before.

At the same time, Murakami’s album artwork for “LAND” was also revealed in its entirety today. Numerous characters that were not visible on the cover were there on the original artwork. This original artwork will be available on the limited first edition of the album, which comes with a 5-sided fold out cover. A large-size picture of the artwork is also available on Yuzu’s official website.

Advanced distribution of “LAND” and its MV has begun at the iTunes Store. Furthermore, the commercial for the body soap, “Mellsavon”, which features the song began on April 25th. A Mellsavon ×Yuzu special collaboration set will also begin sales. This version will include a special acoustic guitar version CD of “LAND”, which will not be available anywhere else. Only a limited number of these will be sold at approximately 1,000 Aeon and Daiei shops across the country, so don’t forget to check that out too.

The new album “LAND”, which would be the first album they have released in 2-years-and-3-months, will be released on May 1st. Along with single songs, “REASON”, “Iro Toridori”, “with you”, “LOVE & PEACH”, “Mata Ashita”, and “Sho”, the album will contain the title track, “LAND”, and the Yuzu version of the song, “Nagareboshi Kirari”, which they offered to the voice actresses of last year’s TV anime, “HUNTER× HUNTER” (Megumi Han, Mariya Ise, and Aya Hirano). The album artwork was done by modern artist, Takashi Murakami. The sound created by Yuzu is expressed through the colorful characters.

May 1st, 2013 (Wed) release
SNCC-86924 / 3,000 JPY (Tax incl.)
“Limited first press edition” 5-sided panorama package / with 60pp. art booklet
*As the limited edition CDs become unavailable, they will be switched to the “standard edition”.
3. Iro Toridori
4. Sabaku no Merry-go-round
5. with you
6. Geranium
7. Interlude “OHANASHI”
9. Nagareboghi Kirari (Yuzu version)
10. Mata Ashita
11. Sho
12. Toei
13. Moonlight Parade

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