BONNIE PINK was born in Kyoto, Japan. She made her sensational debut in 1995 with her 1st album “Blue Jam.” FM stations nationwide began to air BONNIE’s music, speaking extremely highly of this young talented female singer/song writer.
She then released “Heaven’s Kitchen” in 1997, and “evil and flowers” in 1998, which was produced by the Swedish-pop producer, Tore Johansson. In 1998, BONNIE relocated herself to NYC where her music added more spiritual depth. The following year she met Mitchell Froom, who was known as a producer for Elvis Costello, Cibo Matto, Suzanne Vega etc, and co-produced “Let go” with him in LA. In 2001, BONNIE released 3 singles in a row: “Take Me In”, “Thinking of You”, “Nemurenai Yoru (Sleepless Night)”, plus her 5th full album “Just a Girl”. 4 more titles were released in 2004.
The single “Tonight, the Night”, released on January 22nd, 2003, was produced by Tore Johansson and BONNIE PINK. This song achieved the 1 rank at many FM stations and was extremely popular among the young crowd. The following album, “Present”, produced by Matt Cooper from “OUT SIDE” and BONNIE PINK, was recorded in London and released on February 19th, 2003. The album puts together contrary tastes (e.g.: “Dry” & “Wet”) to create an original atmosphere. The two records proved that BONNIE has taken the next step in her career. BONNIE also launched her very own label, “Pinxter”, releasing her Live DVD + CD that year. On January 21st of 2004 “Private Laughter” was released, marking the second release which Tore Johansson co-produced. This single presided at 1 for four-weeks on J-wave (a youth-oriented FM station in Tokyo).
The next single “Last Kiss” was released on April 7th and became famous for the genre cross-over the song makes. “Even So”, the 7th album, reached the market on May 12th. This was the first full-produced record by Tore Johansson in the last 6 years. The album was made by the pair exploring a new possibility, introducing more power and flexibility than the former album. “Even So” displayed great originality and BONNIE’s pride as asinger/song-writer and became a long-selling title.
BONNIE PINK celebrated her 10th anniversary in 2005 and began focusing on the overseas market, releasing songs through the iTunes Store and appearing in several International performances.
On June 22nd she released her first-ever full cover-song album “REMISCENCE” that features songs made in collaboration with her musician friends. That was followed by the release of “So Wonderful” in August, a single that was produced by the new Swedish Producer unit “Burning Chicken”. Her 8th album “Golden Tears” hit the stores on September 21st. The album was produced by Tore Johansson, Burning Chicken and Hod David.
2006 showed another side of BONNIE as she starred in her first acting role in the movie “Kiraware Matsuko no Isshou”, the new movie by director Tetsuya Nakajima (“Shimozuma Monogatari”). BONNIE wrote the themesong for the movie, “LOVE IS BUBBLE”, which was subsequently released as a single. She also wrote a song for Shiseido’s “Anessa” TV commercial. Thousands of requests flooded the station as soon as it aired and BONNIE immediately went to the studios to complete that song, “A Perfect Sky”. The single became the biggest hit of Bonnie’s career, selling over 200,000 copies.
BONNIE also released her first book, “My life’s in the bag”, on May 23rd from Koudansha. Her first Best-album was released on July 26th. The album, “Every Single Day -Complete BONNIE PINK 1995-2006”, featured 28 songs from throughout her career and kept the top 5 spot for over a month, selling over 600,000 copies. Her 2nd Live DVD, “TOUR 2005 “Golden Tears (LIVE DVD)”, released on August 23rd and BONNIE followed up with a nation-wide tour spanning 10 cities and 13 venues from the 30th of that same month.
On November 8th, she released a collaboration single with m-flo, “Love Song/m-flo loves BONNIE PINK”. At new years eye, BONNIE PINK has made her first ever appearance on Japan’s most famous annual music show, “Kohaku Uta Gassen”. On March 28, 2007, she released a rock number “Anything For You” (TV CM song of ‘au by KDDI’) under the collaboration with Burning Chicken, who she together established a new BONNIE PINK SOUND with “A Perfect Sky”.
Then on June 6th, she released “Water Me” which was the first ballad single for BONNIE PINK in a long time. This song was featured as the theme song for a TV drama series on a major terrestrial TV network “Watashitachi No Kyokasho (Our Textbook)”. Included as the B-sides of this single were, “Gimme A Beat” which was featured as the TV CM song for NISSAN MOCO, as well as the theme song of popular edutainment show, NHK “Eigo De Shabera Night (Let’s speak English tonight)”, the Beatles cover song, “Magical Mystery Tour”. With the collaboration with Sweden’s Burning Chicken becoming more and more important, BONNIE PINK has released her 9th original studio album, “Thinking Out Loud” that includes the above two singles, on July 25. Following the album release, she has set out for a nationwide tour, which made a big success with BONNIE PINK making her first ever Budokan show at the tour final.Furthermore, the Swedish release of “Thinking Out Loud” has been confirmed for Spring 2008 (from Warner Music Sweden) which will include “A Perfect Sky(Bjorn Remix)” a remix by Bjorn of Peter Bjorn and John.
Also a live DVD of her first Budokan show will be released on April 9.
12 years has passed by but BONNIE PINK still keeps herself active in the scene.
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