Yuyoyuppe / Worldwide Album Release on iTunes!


Yuyoyuppe’s first personal album “Wall in the presence -Yuppeism edition-” will be released on 1/16/2013 on iTunes in 70 countries around the world. He made his major debut as a Vocaloid producer with the album “Story of Hope” in September last year. This year, he is releasing a digital album with his real voice instead of using Vocaloid. For the original domestic release in Japan, this album was released for CD purchase and rental only at TSUTAYA. Now, the world will be able to listen to his original songs in “Wall in the presence -Yuppeism edition-.”

Release Information:
“Wall in the presence -Yuppeism edition-”
Release Date: 1/16/2013
*Available on iTunes

Track List:
01. Naked Feeling
02. N.T.R
03. Take My Hands
04. Should I believe anyone
05. I want
06. Rainy Day
07. Sweet Circle
08. Pray For…
09. Kyou wa Futari de Iyou

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