ZIGZO ZIGZO is the band founded by the former vocal member of the visual kei band MALICE MIZER Tetsu, with Sakura from L’Arc~en~Ciel, Ryo and Den from the band BY-SEXUAL.
The musical style of the band is hard to describe, because it was rock that varied from song to song. Sometimes more punk-like, though also sometimes almost pop-rock. They were possibly more comparable with Plastic Tree in their commercial phase, only harder and with harsher vocals.
In March 1998, Sakura (Dr.) (ex- L’Arc~en~Ciel), Ryo (Gu.) and Den (Ba.) (both ex- By-Sexual) decided to make a new band. In August of the same year, Tetsu (Vo.) also known as the first vocalist of Malice Mizer, joined them. But they only really became active in Febraury of the following year. They did their first lives at that point in time as “Marisu An Sekkusu”, and changed their name to ZIGZO. Their first big concert followed in April in Akasaka BLITZ, the official birth of ZIGZO, so to speak.
Their first single appeared very early, and thanks to a fast growing fanbase, they performed in the same month along side bigger names such as Lareine, Gackt and Sex Machinguns at “SHOCK WAVE Illusion ‘99”. This, and four other performances at several different events gained them even more popularity. That was enough of a reason for them to bring out their second single “Himawari”.
“TETSU”   Tetsu Takano (Vocal & Guitar)
“RYO”    Okamoto Ryoji (Guitar & Chorus)
“DEN”    Onishi Hiroyuki (Bass & Chorus)
“SAKURA”  Sakurazawa Yasunori (Drums)
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