Model Girls


Sakura Nakamura – Model Girl’s leader, [and known for her] “Celebrity Hips”
Height (HT): 176 cm; Bust: 83 cm Waist: 60 cm Hip: 88 cm (Inseam: 86 cm)
Eriko Fujimoto – “Princess Bust”
HT: 175; B:81 W:59 H:87 (85)
Rena Tomabechi – “Feline Leopard’s Back”
HT: 175; B:82 W:60 H:89 (84)
Takae Obana – “Statuesque Décolleté”
HT: 174; B:80 W:58 H:86 (82)
Haruki – “Venus Neckline”
HT: 174; B:83 W:58 H:87 (83)
Hiromi Minoshima – “Wild Curves”
HT: 174; B:84 W:58 H:86 (82)
Risa Takimoto – “Steel Waist”
HT: 176; B:80 W:59 H:88 (86)
Hikaru Kawai – “Streamlined Beauty Legs”
HT: 176; B:84 W:59 H:87 (86)
Model Girls is an all-girl group made up of eight top models with an average height of 175 cm and average leg-length of 84 cm. The girls were selected from among 6,000 models under Oscar Promotion, [a talent and modeling agency] that churns out bevies of beauties such as Ryoko Yonekura, Aya Ueto, Emi Takei, and Ayame Goriki.
The girls are also the spokespersons for the secret “Model Taiso” (Model Exercise) that can create “beautiful bodyline and posture”. The agency collaborated with Central Sports, a major sports club, to accomplish the project to cap-off 60 years of the modeling industry.
Using the polished and ideal style derived from the Model Exercise, the girls had their debut as Model Girls, the ambassadresses of beauty and health, in May 2012. The book Hiden no Model Taiso – With DVD (Secret Model Exercise – With DVD) was launched on August 27, and the visual software Model Taiso DVD was launched on September 19, 2012. The group’s eagerly awaited major label debut of their CD will take place on October 24 (Wednesday).
The girls have performed as top models, and when they are exposed to music, they turn into the artists Model Girls. Their natural sophistication comes from their beautiful and strong performance, posing, and formation.
[The Model Girls perform] in entertainment shows that incorporate models who possess “the world’s ultimate level of beauty and health with cutting-edge music and culture”. They are creating a general lifestyle with the world in their view.
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