exist†trace / a visual rock band of too handsome women. They are releasing new album and waiting illustrations from you! Mally shows us her great talent in painting!


exist†trace has made their shocking debut as an all women VISUAL-ROCK band this year and got attention inside and outside Japan. Celebrating their 5 song album Vol.2 “THE LAST DAYBREAK”, Kawaii girl Japan has launched a “Girls Support Campaign”! Kawaii girl Japan is a Japanese-English bilingual music community site spreading “Kawaii” from Japan to the world.
In this campaign, “Women Only” can apply their illustrations for the competition. The deadline is set on November 21, Monday. The winner will get messages from the members later!
You can get the images for the illustration from their 5 song album Vol.2 “THE LAST DAYBREAK” or music video. In the campaign page on Kawaii girl Japan, you can see the terrific sample illustration by Mally (drummer)!
The campaign can give more energy to Japanese girls’ culture for which the world is watching out.
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The site has been established to spread “Kawaii” from Japan to the world. In the site, Japanese girls’ culture is introduced through idols, artists, voice actors or models in Japanese and English.