The Mirraz / Major Debut Single Release on 10/3!


The Mirraz is making their major debut with the first single “Bokurawa/Kimochi Warii” and broadcasting a special program “KINOI TV Special UST Live Streaming!~Aru wake ne-daro, nnamon SP~” via USTREAM on 10/2 20:00~ for the major release of this debut single. Don’t forget to join in and show your support!
Live Streaming Channel:
In addition, a video clip of “KINOI TV Special Program Sekiguchi Rui no Neoki Dokkiri” has been uploaded on KINOI TV in their official website “MIRLAND.” This clip was originally presented during the broadcasting on Nico Nico Live Streaming of their live on 7/16 at Daikanyama UNIT. Many fans requested to see it again, so the clip was uploaded on their official website under the KINOI TV section.
Official Website: