Takako Matsu


Matsu Takako is a famous actress and J-Pop artist from Universal Music Japan. She debut as a theater actress in 1994 Matsu Takako first emerged as a theater actress in 1993, when she was just 16, in Ninjo Banashi Bunshichi Mottoi. It wasn’t until in 1994, after she played lead in the drama Hana no Ran did she gain media notice. Coming from the family of kabuki actors, it is no wonder that she took where her family left off.
Afterwards, she had played lead roles in various television dramas, film and theater. At 1996, she had secured her position as one of the top actress in Japan after acting side-by-side SMAP’s Kimura Takuya on Long Vacation. At one point, she had switched High School because Shirayuri Gakuen, the school she previously enrolled, is prohibiting its students to enter the entertainment scene. She then switched to Horietsu High School. She was also cited as the youngest to host Kouhaku Utagassen in 1996 at the age of 19
In 1997, she had added her medium by debuting as a J-Pop artists, showing her versatility as an artist in general. Over the years, she had received many citations and awards, most noteworthy of which is the 2004’s Best Actress of the Year, making her one of the most cited J-Actress ever. As of 2006, she had 6 films done (1 is curruently in production and 1 was even released in Hong Kong), 20 dramas done, 8 albums released, 19 singles released and more to come.
To get a good assessment of her acting skills check out the film ‘The hidden blade’ directed by Yoji Yamada. Well worth watching
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