Hiroshi Itsuki


Hiroshi Itsuki is a Japanese male Enka singer and composer. He sold 20 million records of singles and 4 million copies of LP albums by 1987.
Itsuki is usually regarded as an enka singer, but he even covered Southern All Stars’ J-pop song “Tsunami”.
In 1965, he debuted under the stage name “Masaru Matsuyama”, but didn’t achieve commercial success. Although he changed his stage name to “Eiichi Ichijō” in 1967 and then “Ken Mitani” in 1969, there was no change.
In 1971, he changed his stage name to “Hiroshi Itsuki” and was given the song “Yokohama Tasogare” by Masaaki Hirao. This reached the top of the Oricon weekly single chart.
His 2006 single “Takasebune” debuted at number 9 on the Oricon charts, becoming his first Top 10 single in 22 years since his 1984 single “Nagaragawa Enka”.
In 2008, he was featured in Morning Musume’s Cover You album. He sang “Izakaya” with Ai Takahashi
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