ET-KING (King ITI) 5 MC and 1 DJ and an overall host a hip-hop unit. Everyone has to live HAPPI clad made. He debuted in Osaka, Osaka still Tsutenkaku seven people at the foot of a joint life.
3rd single “dear people” of the berths of 126 to create the pattern of cellular delivery, “the same song, different versions of the record,” Guinness Book of Records as the applicant. This pattern is 126, Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance born each year doing the annual survey, named the 1912 and 2005 for all 94 minutes to pick up the names of the top 10. In 1999, Itkin, TENN, KLUTCH three formed. Initially the band was working as planned, three are co-vocals for the market as it wanted to do so. Then SENKOU, BUCCI, DJ BOOBY joined the group six.
2003, when KEN KOSHIBA is joining the current seven.
In 2005, the event, “school NIGHT” audition to win a Grand Prix event. Month from 7 to 12 people to start living together.
In 2006, Universal Music from major debut.
From April 2008 through the YATTA-Man’s new theme song ( “YATTA Man song” cover) has decided to sing it.
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