Kohei Sawamoto(Drums)
Kouta Terai(Vocal, Bass)
Kyosuke Urayama(Guitar)
LOVE LOVE LOVE was formed in 2003 by Kouta Terai, Kyosuke Urayama and Kohei Sawamoto, who were friends from the same music club in the University of Shiga Prefecture, and began their activities in Kyoto. In 2008, they attracted much attention as an aspiring underground band and participated in “COUNTDOWN JAPAN08/09” by the end of that year. With the release of a mini album “Sorairo no Oto” on 5/27/2009, LOVE LOVE LOVE made their major debut via SPEEDSTAR RECORDS.
In 2010, they released a mini album “Kuusou Paddle” and their 1st single “Planetarium.” In the fall of the same year, they performed on the same stage with the pillows and rigorously continued on with their activities. Each member then flew over to India individually for song writing. Upon their return, they went into recording for “Tabi ni Deyou e.p.” and released it at the year-end solo live as a limited edition in only 110 packages. In 2011, the band relocated back to Kyoto, the origin of their activities. They released a new single “Tabi ni Deyou s.p.” exclusively for Tower Records and participated in the nationwide solo tour of YAMANAKA SAWAO, a member of the pillows. By that summer, a new single “Natsuneiro” exclusively available for Tower Records was released and another new single “Uso no Tsuki Kata,” the theme song of MBS/TBS TV drama “Shinya Shokudo 2,” was released in November.
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