Azuma Sakamoto-Gr.
Tomohiro Matsuda-Ba
Formed in 1992, WRENCH have released their debut album in 1994.
Since then they kept producing various kinds of music ranging from heavy/loud rock, hardcore punk to electro dance music.
They started quite early to collaborate with DJs and exceeded the border of alternative music and got much attention from people.
In 2001, WRENCH performed at SXSW held in Austin, Texas and made the crowd excited. They have now known as one of the leading bands in a Japanese music scene.
In September, 2007, WRENCH released their 8th album called “nitro”.
Their music is alternative. They put a lot of different kinds of music into one including dance music and made something new called “bleep rock”.
WRENCH released an album “drub” on July 9th, 2008 in collaboration with some guest artists.
On the same day, they released a 105-minute-long DVD which included a collection of gigs filmed from the early times when WRENCH was formed, to their latest tour after releasing “nitro” in 2007. In 2008 WRENCH have performed at several festivals including White Stage at Fuji Rock Festival,
the biggest leading festival in Japan.
Nothing cannot be compared to their sound as it is something very different. It’s time for you to experience their original sound that keeps evolving day by day!
You’ll hear what you have never heard before.
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