HAN-KUN is a performer expresses his self with a microphone through dancehall reggae.
He is also a DJ and always seeks for his ultimate style sending his messages.
(performance such as hardcore shouts and singing along the chorus original style)
He’s known for a very high skill performer through his original dancehall free style RUB-A-DUB and he’s got high conscious in his DJ courier.
He met Reggae when he was in High School.
It was a song by BUJU BANTON’s “UNTOLD STORIES” in a mix tape made by his friend’s girlfriend that was played in a car.
He’s got a strong impact from listening to a music category Dancehall.
He was influenced from BUJU BANTON’s “UNTOLD STORIES”, BEENIE MAN、BOUNTY KILLER and other Jamaican artists music, and also through a Japanese reggae, a growing scene back then.(He also says that there were many artists from his local Kanagawa area and in the past it was the hottest reggae town “osaka”s scene influnced him.)
In 1998,he was invited to an event of his local friends, and performed his own stage for his first time.
(Although he says that “the crowd was like 5 to 6 people” and he laughs.)
During the same period he participates in a new comer gathering dub mix tape compilation.
He meets RED RICE(from SHONAN NO KAZE) then.
After that he meets the other members from SHONAN NO KAZE.
Also meeting MURDERONE or many other local acts and becomes tight relations with them and completes the original mix tape by SHONAN NO KAZE.
By completing this mix tape SHONAN NO KAZE goes on a one box car and goes on a national tour.
SHONAN NO KAZE’s debue was in 2003.(By this time he links up with many local acts and goes back and forth to Jamaica often.)
After his debut in SHONAN NO KAZE and after few big turning points of his solo acts he activates his national tour after 2006.
(There are many works that shows his turning points that I offer to everyone to seek and check them out.)
From his performance at a small local club to out door big festivals or participating at an after party as RUB-A-DUB…
It is quite recent that his name appeared as his solo acts for these events.
The reason was because even though he was particiapting in many compilation albums and featuring, he has not yet released his original solo work at this time.
He drops his first solo album in 2008.long waited by the fans.
and since then, he has released 4 albums and he is unstoppable!
Nowadays people call him “The Voice Magician”
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