Linda Yamamoto


Linda Yamamoto(Yamamoto, Linda) is a Japanese pop star whose greatest hit was “Nerai uchi” (meaning “Sharpshoot”) in 1973. Yamamoto was born March 4, 1951 in Fukuoka, but moved to Yokohama as a child. She began modeling when just eleven years old, first becoming known after an appearance in the popular fashion magazine Soen. She was scouted to become a singer, and in 1966 made her debut single “Komacchauna”, which promptly sold over a million copies. While most models in such a situation would drop modeling, Yamamoto continued, and as such her modeling career rocketed. A contemporary of Twiggy, she began to be called “the Japanese Twiggy”, and in fact the two made some appearances together. About a year after her debut, Yamamoto did a six show tour of the States, which included stops in New York and San Francisco. However all attempts at a follow-up hit fizzled.
She stayed busy however appearing in musicals and on TV, but was not getting near the top of the charts. In 1972 she made the first of her numerous comebacks, with the smash hit single “Donimo Tomaranai”, which became the second biggest hit of her career. The song was written by the accomplished writing team of Yu Aku and Shunichi Tokora, who also wrote hits for Pink Lady, The Finger Five and Momoe Yamaguchi. They also subsequently wrote more hits for Yamamoto, including “Jin Jin Sasete”, “Kuruwasetaino” and “Neraiuchi”.
However good her songs and singing might have been, what people talked about most was the way she looked.
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