LGY was formed by HIRO as the main member in 2000. In 2007, the group changed its name to LGYankees, and HIRO founded his music production company,NO DOUBT TRACKS.  
DJ No.2 joined and they released “Dear Mama feat. Kazumasa / Eternal” in order to be the mile stone in the Japanese music scene. The song ranked 10th in ORICON Daily ranking.
In 2011, the group became a duo project by HITO and DJ No.2, releasing “ BARI BARI LGYankees” in February.
They collaborated with a Japanese legendary rock artist Kohei Otomo, and a legendary singer Misato Watanabe, which created a buzz.
In 2011 they signed with KING RECORDS, releasing their 5th album “GO! GO! LGYankees!!!” and the 6th “DOKI DOKI LGYankees!!!!!!”.
Their albums has been ranked within 10th in Oricon Weekly Album chart consecutively for five albums. They are the charismatic group in Japanese scene.
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