In 1999, She entered Plastudy Music School, where she learned music theory, dance, and voice. Along with the music education at the school, She attended the school’s showcases at Club GOODMAN in Akihabara and gained experience as a singer.
In 2000, She started to purse her music career with performing at famous clubs in and around Tokyo, such as Shibuya ASIA, VUENOS, Ikebukuro BRIDGE, PURE, and Roppongi CORE.
In 2002, after she graduated the school, she went to New York and Tronto for 6 month to gain more experience as a artist. During her trip, She co-wrote and produced songs with local artists and did open-mic shows at bars and clubs. From these musical experience, she started to develop her reggae singing style.
In 2003, after she came back from the trip, she joined in HIP-HOP group called “LEGNIS” as the singer and the track maker. As a member of the group, she toured many clubs in and around Tokyo.
In 2004, she started to collaborate with japanese reggae singer “PANG” and featured in her mini-album. As the MC and the composer, she was featured in 2 songs called “AHA!” and “YURARI” in the album. Also, for the first time, She was invited with PANG to perform at the famous reggae music festival ” JAPAN REGGAE FESTA in OKINAWA”.
In 2005, she released her first indies full album “lecca”. This album was picked as one of the Best of 2005 indies reggae & ska top 10 of HMV.Her first album was mostly dancehall reggae style, but there were much of originality in her music and that was the reason for the first album to be such a long seller. For the second time, she was featured in PANG’s mini-album with the famous japanese reggae artist MEGARYU and, they were invited to perform at JAPAN REGGAE MUSIC FESTA in OKINAWA. Also, She participated in PANG’s full album “PANG”, and it was released in the summer.
In 2006, she participated in “REGGAE Japan splash 06 SPRING” with GREGORY ISSACS, MARCIA GRIFFITS. On April 26th, She made her major debut with her mini-album “Dreamer”. Also, Major debut full album “URBAN PIRATES” was released on Augst 23rd 2006.
In 2007, she is ready to drop her 2nd full album. Since there are not so many female reggae singer in Japan, She is getting much attention not only from reggae scene but the scene of other genre of music. lecca is definitely the most valuable female reggae singer in Japan.
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