JAM Project


About JAM Project
Current members:
☆ Hironobu Kageyama
☆ Masaaki Endoh
☆ Hiroshi Kitadani
☆ Masami Okui
☆ Yoshiki Fukuyama
JAM Project was launched in year 2000 by powerful singers representing the anisong industry. The members gathered together with the same desire to create the appropriate theme songs for the highly evolved Japanese animation. They share the same intention to shine up the anisong culture. With these purposes, JAM Project built up a unique position in the anisong industry. Most importantly, the “power” they have in their voices, distinguishes them from other singers.
Each member is involved with the entire song creation process. In order to make stronger connections between the animation and the theme songs, they start from meeting with animation producers and directors and go on to directing the creative process. They are performers and producers at the same time. All members also have very active solo work to stimulate each other. With each member possessing different characteristics to gather as one, JAM Project is able to create one-of-a-kind theme song. They have released more than 100 songs to date. All of the songs are powerful and spiritual, and can be seen as “Real Theme Songs”
In year 2008, they started their first world tour No Border and performed in 10 cities in 8 countries. The stops include Taiwan, Brazil, The United States, Korea, China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong), Mexico, France and Spain. After the tour, they gained attentions worldwide. They then attended numerous anime conventions held in countries such as Singapore, Thailand, San Marino and Germany. They also performed at Expo 2010 Shanghai China and Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea representing Japanese culture through presenting anisong. In year 2012, they held a South America tour and brought their exclusive band members for all 4 stops. The tour was a success and they were able to present authentic anisong concert overseas.
In Japan, since year 2009, JAM Project has alone filled the Budokan, Osaka-Jo Hall, Yokohama Arena, 2 days in Budokan and countless venues in the countries during tours. JAM Project is supported by fans of all ages and genders. They will be touring worldwide from July 2016 under the title “AREA Z”.
Anisong will cross many broader, including countries and music genres.
Just like the anime heroes, their voice performances are always aiming their “dreams”.\
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