Versailles / Successful World Tour


The grand final stage of Versailles’ world tour “Versailles World Tour 2011-Holy Grail” successfully drew the curtains down for their world tour at Shibuya Public Hall.
Starting off the tour on 7/17/2011 at Shibuya C.C Lemon Hall, Versailles went around Japan first, then out to the world, covering 17 countries with 18 lives as they attracted a total audience of 40,000. It was the very first time for a visual band to host a tour covering 7 different countries in South America. Especially for Venezuela, Uruguay and Columbia, Versailles’ live was the very first stage by Japanese artists ever in history. As they were enthusiastically welcomed by the audience in Peru back in 2011, the members of Versailles were once again greatly welcomed by the fans and media
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