Akiko Higashikawa


Born in Tokyo in 1977 and grew up in Chiba Prefecture. Began practicing with a red toy piano at the age of 3 and began taking lessons in the children’s course at Yamaha. Joined the band club in Elementary school and began playing the violin. Her love for rock music awakened in Jr. high School, and she bought a Greco “Les Paul” from her admiration for Gibson. Began composing music when she was in music school and began performing with a piano.
In 2001, self produced the CD “MUSIC FAIR” which was only available at her concerts.
In May 2004, released the 7-song EP “Nami Nami”, from MIDI Creative.
In November 2006, released the album “Slow Life” from MIDI.
Currently composing, and play/singing commercial songs, and holds concerts mainly in Tokyo.
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