Yuuki Nanami


Japanese singer-songwriter categorizing her music as J-PopRock. As a solo artist, Yuuki has released 5 singles, 2 EPs and one full album from an independent label.
Yuuki started out in 2004 performing on the streets of her home town in Japan, before basing herself in Akihabara (the district in Tokyo known as the center of anime and otaku culture). Since then, she has sang at numerous concerts and conventions, persuing her career as a solo artist. In 2008, Yuuki successfully performed at a concert hall holding 1000 people.
While persuing her solo career, Yuuki also formed a vocal duo called ‘JellyBeans’ in 2008, not only performing in Japan but extending ground to Europe as well. ‘JellyBeans’ gained popularity especially in France, and the duo went on to tour Europe in 2010.
Yuuki also wrote most of the material for JellyBeans, and her wide range of songwriting skills proved her talent, as she also wrote songs for other artists too. Her singing is assuring to the listener, creating a feeling of power filled with positiveness and courage.
One of Yuuki’s biggest fascination and secret of her success is the ‘gap’ she holds between her variety of musical styles along with the capability to express her vision with her voice, in comparison to her live performance, visuals and character. The ‘gap’ was not something intended, but something that developed spontaneously.
After taking part in the Japan-Tag in Düsseldorf, Germany, Yuuki decided to take a break with JellyBeans, concentrating on her solo career again. She continues to be active in Europe, participating in numerous Japanese pop culture events.
In June 2011, Yuuki decided to change her name to Yuuki Nanami: Nanami meaning ‘seven seas’ resembling her spirit of spreading Japanese pop culture across the seven seas.
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