Tsuji Nozomi


Nozomi Tsuji , born June 17, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan, is the leader of W (Double U), a J-pop duo group, a former fourth generation member of J-pop idol group Morning Musume, and a former founding member of Morning Musume subgroup MiniMoni. She has participated in the shuffle groups 10 nin Matsuri, Odoru 11, and 11 WATER, as well as being a member of the Morning Musume splinter group Otomegumi.
In 2000, Tsuji auditioned for the pop group Morning Musume. At first, Tsunku, the group’s producer, only wanted three new members for the group, and chose Rika Ishikawa, Hitomi Yoshizawa, and Ai Kago. However, he made a surprising move and added Tsuji as a fourth member, creating the fourth generation of the group. The fourth generation’s debut single was Morning Musume’s 9th, “Happy Summer Wedding”.
Tsuji early on became friends with her fellow fourth generation member, Ai Kago, and as the youngest two members of the group, they assumed the roles of the hyperactive troublemakers of Morning Musume. Fans took to them quickly, dubbing them “The Twins”, based on their similar looks and personalities.
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