Leyona made her debut in 1999.She is a singer and songwriter loves Rock, Roots Black Music and variety kind of music so much.Her musicianship was inspired by Reggae and Blues, and other kinds of music.She expresses her unique world view by her musicianship and her vocal with a great deal of personality.And she is known for her collaboration with kinds of artists, also she is respected not only by people in the music trade, but also by people in the various trade.
Main artists make collaboration with her:
Nakaido”CHABO” Reichi, G.LOVE、Dr.Kyon, ROCKING TIME, Little Creatures, THEATRE BROOK, Kazuyuki Sekiguchi and Southern All Stars, Rikuo, MISS MONDAY, DOUBLE FAMOUS, MOOMIN, Kiyoshiro Imawano, Shigeru Izumiya, Kazuyoshi Saito, BLACK BOTTOM BRASS BAND, Miyuki Hatakeyama, Nakano Yoshie(EGO-WRAPPIN’),Yamaarashi, HIFANA, SPECIAL OTHERS,Mitsuyoshi Azuma &THE SWINGGIN’BOPPERS, CRAZY FINGERS, Hanaregumi, Keison, Caravan, SpinnaB-ILL, Atsuki Kimura, Yousui Inoue, Tamio Okuda, SPITZ, Chris Pierse, Kohei Tsuchiya
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