vocal / guitar Fumiya Enuma
bass /Nitta noriaki
drums /Itta Nakamura
plenty’s lyric, music and their existence. Everything about them is unique.
They are also intentionally innovative rock band.
They performed at “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 08/09” in 2008.
IN 2010, they went on a promotional tour for their first EP, titled “Haikei Minasama”. They made three years’ consecutive appearance at COUNTDOWN JAPAN 10/11.
In 2011, they performed at “10th Anniversary Space Shower Retsuden JAPAN TOUR 2011′.
February 15th 2012, they released their 1st album “plenty”. In April they launched their solo show tour to 12 venues all over Japan.
On August 4th Taichi Nakamura officially joined the band.
Between November and December they went on to “plenty 2014 Nen Fuyu One Man Tour” to 14 venues all over Japan.
On October 31st 2015, they did their only solo show in 2015 at Hibiya Outdoor Music Hall.
In January and February
In January and February 2016, their solo show tour “Inochi no Katachi” went to 15 venues all over Japan.
Also, Another date at LIVE WAREHOUSE in Kao Shung, Taiwan was added as their first international show.
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