JAMOSA is a J-Pop/J-Urban artist, currently signed under avex trax. Her father is Japanese and her mother is Taiwanese Aborigine. JAMOSA is well known for her collaborations with Japanese and American artists.
In 2000, JAMOSA joined the all-female rap group, AZIZ. While in the group, they released a song called “Mama.” The song was featured on the American film soundtrack, Lil Nicky. In 2001, Jamosa decided to leave the group and take a chance on becoming a solo artist. She returned to Japan and signed a record deal with Island Records.
On November 11, 2002, JAMOSA made her solo debut. She released the mini album, Reminiscing. After staying with Island Records for a year, JAMOSA decided to leave and signed another record deal with Culture of Asia Records. Under Culture of Asia, she released the three following singles; Shake It Shook It, So Good So Nice, and Ienai yo. She also released a second mini album called, “Standing Strong.” After the release of her third single, Ienai yo, JAMOSA once again switches record labels, signing a record deal with Toshiba EMI.
On August 30 2006, JAMOSA released her fourth single,Dream. Dream was followed up by her fifth single, So Addicted 247365. In early 2007, JAMOSA released her debut studio album, One. Soon after her album’s release, JAMOSA leaves Toshiba EMI and signs with avex trax. On October 10, 2007, JAMOSA released her sixth single, STAND UP.
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