DollyPOP unit amU ([amyu]) that Aco+Meru+YOU (you) unfolds. Two people (aco and meru) form in Osaka in April, 2008. The origin of amU is “Aco, meru, and U(=You). “Debut single “Capsule girl” is released in June, 2008. A live activity is developed in not only Osaka in local but also Nagoya and Tokyo, and their reputations have spread to [takuma] before long, too. Second base single “Devils step Devils kiss” is released in October, 2008. It advances to Tokyo in full scale at the end of the year, and the number of fans has been increased rapidly. Third single “[Gurekku] [gurekku]” is put on the market in March, 2009. Only DJ throws this music in the idol club event and the floor is killer Cheung like an excitement now. Capsule girl “‘0QMiX” that renews the debut single and live DVD”amU live@Shibuya DESEO” are released in July, 2009 at a dash. Sales of ..”Secret Call”.. download are done with beginning and “Glueck Glueck” the delivery in September, 2009 with iTunes.
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