After being in a band(RENTRER EN SOI)for 7 years,
Satsuki set out and launched his solo project on Valentine’s Day in 2009.
To accompny his release 1st Story【AWAKE】 starting from May
Satsuki set out on his 「AWAKENING TO MOONLIGHT」 tour
and performed in Tokyo, Osaka, and L.A.
Satsuki’s next release 2nd Story【CRYSTAL】 was released in
August followed with his 「PEER INTO YOUR CRYSTAL HEART」 tour
in Tokyo and Las Vegas. Which has since already come to a close.
Currently the photo book containing photos from Hollywood is on sale.
After that, he performed in Texas at the end of October.
On Christmas day he performed his 4th one-man live.
And, 3rd story【MOON SPIRAL】 was released in Valentine’s Day of this year, he became the first anniversary of the solo activity.
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