Saori Yuki


Born as Akiko Yasuda, Yuki Saori is Originally from Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.
She was a member of the Hibari Children’s choir during her elementary school years. Yuki performed as a singer for children’s songs. She has also hosted a children’s music program on NHK, has been a voice actress for anime programs, and has sung on over 300 commercials. In 1969, she debuted as Saori Yuki with “Yoake no Scat” (Melody for a New Dawn). Saori Yuki has had an extensive career, appearing in countless films and TV dramas as an actress, hosting programs and appearing in variety programs as well as holding concerts with her sister Sachiko Yasuda.
In 2011, she collaborated with an American Jazz orchestra Pink Martini, releasing “1969”, which was sold over 50 countries, becoming an international hit. Her work was recognized as a great introduction of Japanese music to the world market, bringing her awards such as Geijutsu Sensho Award and Shiju Hosho Award.
She made her Hollywood debut in July 2013, singing three nights in a row as the guest star of Pink Martini.
2014 marked her career’s 45th anniversary. She had an anniversary concert and released “VOICE” as an anniversary album. In September 2015 , a cover album “ VOICEⅡ” was released. On February 10th, she released “Jinsei to iu Tabi” was released, which was buzzed as the theme song for “Local Bus Noritsugi no Tabi THE MOVIE”.
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