Hiroyuki Hanada (Vocal&Guitar)
Jun Shimoyama (Guitar&Vocal)
Junzi Ikehata (Drums)
As a result of the Rooster’s (which was Hiroyuki Hanada’s solo project) appearance at an event in Kyushu back in 2001, the project became a full-fledged band and changed its name to ROCK’N’ROLL GYPSIES.
In 2002, released their first live CD as ROCK’N’ROLL GYPSIES. Furthermore, did a solo concert at Shibuya ON AIR EAST and performed at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL ’02.
In June 2003, released their 1st album “I” from ISLAND/UNIVERSAL MUSIC. Went on national tour in 2003-2004.
After a hiatus, they restarted in May 2005 with a performance at the event LIVE at Hibiya Yaon. Went into recording at the end of August 2005 and released their second album on November 30th of the same year.
The current lineup is Hiroyuki Hanada, Jun Shimoyama, and Junji Ikehata.
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