Lamp – Her Watch


Author: retrorandy

80s throwback, easy listening jazz for anyone.

Lamp is a contemporary pop trio who got their start in 2000, and have seen increasing recognition amongst both audiences and critics ever since. Consisting of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Yusuke Nagai, vocalist and flautist Kaori Sakakibara, and guitarist Taiyo Someya, the group’s style of songwriting is certainly eclectic, incorporating influences from soul, funk and jazz. Like many Japanese acts, Lamp regularly mix and match styles to help keep things fresh. In 2018, they released their eighth studio album Her Watch.

Her Watch is certainly a breed all its own within the landscape of Japanese music that is currently popular. In a time where many bands and artists are gravitating towards an upbeat, alternative pop-rock style, Lamp take a different direction. The best way this album can be described would be as a throwback to 1980s jazz fusion with a heavy pop sensibility, itself also reminiscent of the ’80s.


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