Live Q&A with Morning Musume。’18 Ask your questions with #AskMORNINGMUSUME


Morning Musume。’18 has has announced their very first LIVE Q&A session toward their very first show in Mexico and a first show after 4 years in New York.

The members of Morning Musume。’18 answer in realtime to your questions from Mexico, US and all around the world on YouTube!

There will be member’s message right before the tour and their newest videos as well.

Program Details
Live Q&A with Morning Musume。’18
10/5(Fri) 10:00-11:30am (Japan)
10/4(Thu) 8:00-9:30pm (Mexico)
10/4 (Thu) 9:00-10:30pm ( New York)
10/5(Fri) 3:00-4:30am (France)
Appearance: Morning Musume。’18
How to join: Please ask your question with a hashtag #AskMORNINGMUSUME in English, Spanish or Japanese with a Tweet to @UpFrontLink