Tiara made her career as a back up singer since 2004 as well as a solo singer, singing for “Sakura by Ketsumeishi”. In July 2007, she made her indie debut produced by YANAGIMAN, who also produced Ketsumeishi.
In September 2009, she made her major debut with a single “Sayonara wo Kimini feat. Spontania” from Crown records. The song gained over a million downloads bringing her several new artist awards.2
In January 2010, she released her second single “Kimi ga Oshiete Kuretakoto feat. SEAMO”. In May, she released her first album “Message for you”, which ranked 6th in Oricon Album Chart and 10th Oricon Weekly Chart.
Later she collaborated with WISE, MIHIRO, So’Fly, K.J, Mao Koda, YUKA(moumoon). For her fourth album “Emotion” twelve singer-songwriters contributed including her, becoming quite a buzz.
Tiara’s lyric is favored female fans from wide range of generations, giving her a title as “Love Song guru for the new generation”. She wants her songs to be next to her fans through their happy or sad days. Her clear and honest voice grabs the heart of many women, and transcend generations.
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